Here at Active Driving School we always aim for our current and future students to get the best out of our lessons. We are pleased to say that all current and future pupils who struggle with confidence or driving test nerves now have FREE access to a set of psychological tools to help! There are a range of techniques to suit everyone including some hypnotherapy tracks for confidence and test nerves. If you are learning with Active Driving School ask us to sign you up to give it a try!

Driving Lessons For Beginners

Active Driving School tailors all our beginner lessons to suit your individual requirements. Whether you are looking to do multiple lessons a week at a duration of one, one and a half or two hours or a single lesson a week your options are discussed and we are there to help. If possible we will aim to get you the same lesson slot each week so that you are having regular lessons. All lessons will be confirmed at the end of your previous lesson so you can be confident of a reliable service from your instructor. The structure of the lessons and lesson content will be discussed with you in advance so that you can maximise your learning experience.

Standard hourly rate: £35 per hour

  • 10 hours = £340
  • 20 hours = £670 (No theory included)
  • 30 hours = £1000 (free theory and free theory test if fail 1st time)


Pay as you learn – Pre-pay next Lesson and Block Booking discounts !

Driving lessons can be taken weekly or daily from one to four hours including evenings and weekends.

3 or 4 hour lessons are good only if you can concentrate and actively learn for the full hours of the lesson.

  • 20 hours of tuition (2×2 hours a day, 5 days a week over 1 week) = £670
  • 40 hours of tuition (2×2 hours a day, 5 days a week over 2 weeks) = £1340


Pay as you learn – Pre-paid next lesson discount!

Save time & money by organizing lessons to pick you up from College or Work and drop you off at home.

Pupils who wish to take one 1 or 2 hours driving lesson a week will have a choice of daytime, late evening and weekends to choose from and will progress as quickly as they want to up to taking their practical driving test.

Pupils who would like to progress a little faster can choose  longer lessons in any combination they wish. 


Will give you more confidence in areas that may not have been covered during normal lessons.

Completing the course successfully means you’ll be able to claim a discount on your car insurance.

£35 per hour (Pass Plus is a minimum of 6 hours tuition) – tolls and Congestion Charge included


Have you already got your full driving license, but have had a long break from driving and feel like you need refreshing before you get in the driving seat on your own? We can offer refresher lessons to help build up your skills and confidence.


We can help you with all aspects of the theory and hazard perception test. If you don’t like tests, don’t worry, we are here to help. A free revision app, theory lessons and revision advice are all aimed to put you at ease.

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